Thursday, May 13, 2010

Store Update

 Introducing to Mischyfpaws are two new colors in terry cloth. For a limited time Mischyfpaws will be offering the colors turquoise and lavender. These colors will be added to white, ivory, pink and light blue that we currently offer in our bath and paw towels.


Turquoise and Lavender

This week I released three new designs of current breeds being offered. I have added a second Pug and Schnauzer designs. These designs are currently being offered as paw towels and walking bags.
Pug and Schnauzer

There were two new breeds introduced to the shop last week. The first is a Kerry Blue Terrier. This is a mostly black dog and is release on a gray colored walking bag. The gray is a good contrast to the dark black charcoal color of the Kerry Blue. Second breed introduced is the American Fox Hound. The American Fox Hound has various colors of brown, black, tan and white. This was breed is offered on a gray walking bag to bring out the best of the coloring within the breed. Both breeds are offered as paw towels with many color selections of terry cloth. We offer white, ivory, pink, light blue, turquoise and lavender.
Kerry Blue Terrier and American Fox Hound

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