Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome to my new blog

For my first blog I thought I would write about what made me start my store on Etsy.com. 

In 2006 I came across a chow chow embroidery design and loved it so much I embroidered a baseball cap. I started to embroidery everything with the design. It wasn't long after that my roommate started to complain about the paw prints all over the floor. I bought a towel to hang by the door to wipe my chows’ paws when we come in from rainy weather. Of course I embroidered a chow chow on it.

Chow chow Design

When 2008 rolled around I started wondering what else I could do with the embroidery designs. I began to collect more dog designs until I could figure it out what to do with them. I came across a site called Etsy in March 09 and opened a shop. I posted 4 dog breed paw towels up and didn't sell anything for 3 months.  Finally, I sold two sets of towels to two separate people on the same day. In October I decided to try to get the shop going, so I could make some money from home. I set some goals and I started posting the different breeds of my paw towels. I also decided to buy the terry cloth and make the towels myself, instead of buying them from the store.

Paw Towel

Then I added a new product I call my dog walking bag. The bag is also referred to as the leash bag, mess bag or small travel bag. They measure 7x5x5 and are made of medium heavy cotton. These are hand made bags. They hold quite a bit for there size.

Dog Walking Bag

Yesterday, I finally completed my first big goal I set for myself in October. I finally have all 71 dog breed embroidery designs listed in my shop before Thanksgiving. Now we will see what happens over the Holiday. I hope to sell at least 4 items for my first Christmas at Etsy. They say your first year of Christmas sells are usually a bust but a good learning experience. For me, besides working on the orders I get, I will also work on setting next years goals for the store.

My Black Friday through Cyber Monday sell is FREE SHIPPING on everything in my shop. Please stop by and see my hand made items. http://www.mischyfpaws.etsy.com/

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. That's so great! Good luck with your store!

  2. Monique, your embroidery is just divine! I look forward to working with you! welcome to the blogging world. You're off to a great start, love reading about how artisan's get started!